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Lake Centre for Rehab is a Medicare-certified provider of outpatient Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services with locations in Lake, Sumter, and South Marion counties. Our therapists provide rehabilitative and preventative services in a supportive environment to maintain, or improve your functionality and well-being. Our well-equipped facilities contain free weights, exercise machines, private therapy areas, and open space for aerobic exercise. Our individualized treatment plans are designed by our experienced therapists with YOU, to help you achieve your goals.

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Lake Centre for Rehab is proud to present the following upcoming seminars:

3/22 Speech Issues? The Villages

3/31 Fear of Falling? Leesburg

4/6 Living with Chronic Illness? The Villages

4/19 What’s Up Down There? The Villages

4/28 Living with Neuro Disorders? Leesburg

5/2 Fear of Falling? Leesburg

5/3 Fear of Falling? The Villages

5/10 Swallowing Issues? The Villages

5/12 Speech Issues? Leesburg

5/19 Living with Chronic Illness? Leesburg

All Seminars in The Villages start @ 3pm @ Sonrise Cafe (Southern Trace Plaza), 3469 Wedgewood Lane, The Villages, FL 32169,

Seminars in Leesburg start @ 2pm @ Lake Centre for Rehab Lobby, 600 North Boulevard West, Leesburg, Fl 34748 (In The Medical Villages Bldg. Next to Wells Fargo Bank

Seating is limited, Please RSVP to: 352-259-6942

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Please click on the links below to read our patient’s comments

Patient G             Patient J            Patient D         About our Pelvic Floor Program

About our MedFit Program

Send us your comments by clicking on the “contact us” page.


Visit our sister company Rehab Therapy Works

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Lake Centre for Rehab Offices will be closed Friday, October 7

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Due to Hurricane Matthew all 7 Offices in Lake, Sumter and Marion County will be closed.