Lake Centre for Rehab

About Us

Lake Centre for Rehab (LCR) is one of the largest and most technically advanced Medicare-certified rehab agencies in Lake, Sumter and South Marion Counties.

Established in 1978, LCR operates seven state-of-the-art outpatient therapy clinics. Our entire staff is committed to excellence in the delivery of individualized physical, occupational and speech therapy services and dedicated to returning individuals to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Lake Centre for Rehab also integrates a variety of healthy lifestyle programs such as personal training, aquatic exercise classes, med fit classes, balance programs, and health fitness screens to help individuals maintain their functional abilities and physical performance.  Additionally, LCR takes great pride in providing community outreach programs.  Staff members present lectures, and presentations on a variety of health, wellness, and injury-prevention topics.

LCR is independently owned and operated. We accept Medicare, Worker’s Compensation, private pay and most group insurance.

Our Mission

  1. To assist each patient in reaching their utmost potential by delivering the highest standard of physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in well-equipped outpatient centers.
  2. To positively impact the function and well-being of each patient we serve.
  3. To communicate each patient’s progress with the referring physician. To provide the residents of Lake, Sumter, and surrounding counties with comprehensive, well-equipped outpatient rehab centers.
  4. Returning You  to a Healthy, Active Lifestyle.

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Lake Centre for Rehab Offices will be closed Friday, October 7

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Due to Hurricane Matthew all 7 Offices in Lake, Sumter and Marion County will be closed.