Lake Centre for Rehab

Industrial Safety, Prevention, and Rehab

shutterstock_87992731Lake Centre for Rehab understands the importance of developing a systematic approach to work related injuries and injury prevention in an effort toclick here button  reduce occurrences and costs to the employer. Every dollar you save in Worker’s Compensation claims enhances your company’s bottom line.

LCR has a four-stage approach to industrial injuries —

workplace evaluation; employee screening; clinical services; return to work strategy

To manage all aspects of the injured employee, from time of  injury to return to work, LCR has created and copyrighted “The Injured  Employee Management System© (IEMS©)”.  Our management team is dedicated to designing a customized program to assist your company in controlling Workers’ Compensation claims more effectively.

How Lake Centre for Rehab Facilitates the Employer’s Effective Management of the Injured Employee

In a time of HMO’s, managed care plans, and discount networks, how does the employer navigate its way through the health care maze? LCR has developed  the Injured Employee Management  System© (IEMS©),  a comprehensive integrated  approach to the management of the injured employee from the time of injury, through the health care providers, to full return to work. The system advocates the timely delivery of health care services related to the employee’s injury. Over the past ten years, IEMS© has significantly reduced indemnity, medical and other related insurance costs, reduced lost time from work and essentially eliminated litigation associated with work related injuries.

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Lake Centre for Rehab Offices will be closed Friday, October 7

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Due to Hurricane Matthew all 7 Offices in Lake, Sumter and Marion County will be closed.